ALl TRaining is led by Laurie Faith. Please visit our team page TO Learn about Laurie or to learn more about the training. Follow LAURIE on Twitter: @LCFaith or Select an option below to get in contact with her.


60-90 Minute PresentationS

This talk will juxtapose traditional teaching practise and what is possible when approaching teaching with an executive functions lens. Moving from a broad perspective to specific and practical examples, teachers will be inspired to apply executive functions knowledge into their daily feedback and assessment practice. Attendees of these talks often refer to their experience as transformational.


Level I Activated learning Training

This one-day + half-day workshop will prepare classroom teachers to build whole-class EF-literacy and use it during their everyday whole-class teaching.

After this one-day workshop, teachers will:

  • understand the impact of EFs on performance and classroom climate;
  • know the key research on EFs and classroom learning;
  • be able to implement a powerful whole-class EF intervention; and be eligible for Level II Activated Learning training.


Level II Activated Learning TRAINING

This experience will help you grow your EF-based teaching skills. During 4 one-hour consults, individuals or small teams will work with a trainer to advance their practise. Consult hours may include collegial and friendly in-class observations, phone calls, team Skypes, or group meetings. 



Whole school training is possible! Working with a team of your most keen teachers, we progress through with Levels I and II training and finish with a two day trainers' program. Your in-house training team will leave equipped with expertise, confidence, and a tailored slide-deck and workbook.   

LEVEL II Activated learning TEACHERS


Jeremy Beggs, Central Senior Public School, Lindsay, ON

Sallie Byer, Central Senior Public School, Lindsay, ON

Jane Carney, Scott Young Public School, Omemee, ON

Katherine Kirkpatrick, Riverside Public School, Huntsville, ON

Julie Kuiken, Central Senior Public School, Lindsay, ON

Laura Marshall, Scott Young Public School, Omemee, ON

Kim Wiles, Bracebridge Public School, Bracebridge, ON


Stephanie Walker, Scott Young Public School, Omemee, ON

Megan Clements, Scott Young Public School, Omemee, ON

Julie Hough, Woodville Public School, Woodville, ON