Nicola Daykin

Co-Founder, Educator

Nicola Daykin has taught children with learning exceptionalities since 2005. She currently teaches a Grade 6 special education class in Toronto, Canada. Nicola has a Bachelor of Arts, Honours degree from Trent University, a Bachelor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE), and Additional Qualifications in Special Education, also from OISE. Nicola is passionate about her role as an educator and strives to help her students experience success by understanding their learning profiles.


Mara Berzins

Co-Founder, Educator

Mara Berzins teaches kindergarten in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about how executive functions develop in the brain and how they can be supported through strategies from a young age. Mara continues to research the benefits of mindfulness practices in the classroom. She has her Masters of Arts in Child Study and Education from OISE at the University of Toronto and Additional Qualifications in Special Education and Mathematics from York University. Previously, she was an Associate Faculty at Trinity College School and before that, an undergraduate of McGill University. 


Laurie Faith

Strategist, Educator, Researcher

Laurie Faith is a PhD student in the ADHD/Literacy Lab at the University of Toronto. She has 17 years of teaching experience in both special education and regular classrooms. In schools, Laurie has led initiatives in design thinking, reading remediation, film-making, problem solving, resilience, and special education. She continues to work in classrooms every day in her capacity as a mentor to preservice teachers, as a researcher, and as an in-service trainer. Presently, Laurie’s energy is focused on building, testing, and sharing EF-based teaching, assessment, and feedback strategies. She is a regular presenter, workshop facilitator, and trainer for public and private schools and other educational organizations. Please see Training for more information.