Examples of Shifting & Time Management Challenges

In the classroom, these are the students who never seem to know the daily schedule, can’t seem to put things away when asked, always in need of “one more minute!”, often underestimate the time required to complete a task, and find it challenging when they must move from one situation to another.

Outside the classroom, these students are often last to line up and have a harder time coming back to focus after a break involving lots of physical activity. They may arrive late to clubs or team practices.


About the Character

“From this to that, in no time flat!” This is Susie Shifter‘s motto. She carries with her a Time Timer, one of our favourite classroom tools, so that she always knows when to shift. Shifting is often physical (i.e. from one classroom to another, or back to the classroom after a break); however, shifting can also refer to mental shifting (i.e. from math to writing, or receptive to active listening), or being able to shift one’s thinking in order to work in a group or resolve a conflict. When we discussed shifting, it was often in reference to students making a physical shift (lining up, walking to another class, etc.). Time management is often an issue for students who have difficulty shifting. They may require extra coaching for how to tell time, how to determine the passage of time, and how to use a timer effectively.


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