Examples of Goal Directed Persistence Challenges

In the classroom, students with challenges with this executive skill often give up quickly, or feel overwhelmed by assignments or projects. They may say that it is too hard or that they can’t do it, and withdraw from participating in the class. Sometimes they will complete projects, but do them quickly and hand them in without taking time to check things over.
Outside the classroom, these students may give up on recess games if they feel that they may not win, or quit a game that isn’t going their way.


About the Character

Gracie the Goal-Getter has a clear goal, to climb to the top of that mountain! However, if you look closely, you will see many smaller goals along the way that Gracie must meet in order to attain her big goal. This is by far the most important message to convey to our students. Achieving a goal takes time, and there are many steps along the way, but like Gracie the Goal-Getter, you must never give up! Those big goals are attainable if we chunk them into smaller goals.


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