Examples of Task Initiation Challenges

In the classroom, these students find it challenging to begin work right away. They often need frequent reminders from the teacher to get their materials out and get going. Often this can appear as defiance or boredom, but is likely something else that may be anxiety or attention-related.
Outside the classroom, these students may still be in the hallway, figuring out their outdoor gear, while everyone else is already playing tag. They may not play in large groups, preferring instead to play alone, perhaps lacking the confidence to approach a group already playing or start a game of their own.


About the Character

Get Up & Go are twins, twin arrows to be exact. People often say that to be successful, you’ve got to have that “get up and go!”, so these characters are designed to illustrate that idea. After all, getting started is often half the battle, so if we can help our students to take that first step, then we, and they, are on the right track. Any teacher writing report cards knows all too well how many adults, as well as children, could use a little help from the Get Up & Go dream team!


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