Examples of Emotional Control Challenges

In the classroom, work completion or goal attainment may be affected by the inability to control emotions. Students may have difficulty calming down and reflecting on their feelings. When emotions take over, focus and class work will be affected.
Outside the classroom, these students may have “big” reactions when playing a game or negotiating with peers. They will likely need assistance and coaching in order to solve problems and come up a plan for the future.


About the Character

Emotibot is Stop-A-Tron‘s kid sister. Her screen displays six emoticons, representing some of the different emotions we may experience throughout the day. While it is perfectly natural to feel any and all of these emotions, we must teach strategies that help our students to manage them so that they can stay in control and not allow their feelings to have a negative impact on work or social interactions. When we feel angry, anxious, or excited, it can be challenging for us to think in a rational way. If we can teach our children to begin to identify their feelings so that they can have some control over their reactions to them, then we are empowering them in a big way!


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