Examples of Flexibility Challenges

In the classroom, these students may become easily frustrated by school work or peers, sometimes acting out in inappropriate ways. Changes to routine or the class schedule may upset these students. Adapting to something new and unknown may be challenging. These students may appear to be stubborn or stuck in their ways, unable to accept an alternate point of view, or strategy for solving a problem.
Outside the classroom, these students can look much the same as inside the classroom with the added pressures of more intense and less mediated social interaction.


About the Character

Flexi Lexi ‘goes with the flow’. No matter what happens, this rubber band-like character can handle it. She stays calm in the face of conflict and is great at adapting to new situations. Flexi Lexi was often among the first characters chosen when we would give students scenarios to role play, such as wanting to play a certain game at recess, but the rest of group wants to play something else. They knew that it was important to be flexible and hear both sides of a story before reacting. Not only is it important to be flexible with our thinking, it is also good for students to learn how to adapt to new or unexpected situations. If the schedule needs to change at the last minute, or if recess is cancelled due to the weather, we must prepare our children to be able to adapt and go with the flow.


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