Recommended Reading

Smart but Scattered: The Revolutionary “Executive Skills” Approach to Helping Kids Reach Their Potential
By Peg Dawson, Ed.D, and Richard Guare, Ph.D

Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents, Third Edition: A Practical Guide to Assessment and Intervention
By Peg Dawson, Ed.D, and Richard Guare, Ph.D - including chapters by Mara Berzins, Nicola Daykin and Laurie Faith of EFs2theRescue

Coaching Students with Executive Skills Deficits
By Peg Dawson, Ed.D, and Richard Guare, Ph.D

Promoting Executive Function in the Classroom What Works for Special-Needs Learners
By Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D

Executive Function: Practical Applications in the Classroom
By Sandra Rief


Useful Links

Smart but Scattered Kids
Guare and Dawson’s website

Activated Learning  
Laurie Faith’s Website

The ACE Approach
Awareness and Consciousness Education

Mindfulness and Meditation Resource

Harvard University Center on the Developing Child
Downloadable Activity Guides

SNAP Mathfairs   
Game-based Math that promotes executive functioning 

Carol Gray Social Stories
Social Stories Resource for Children with ASD

Montcrest School
School at which Daykin and Berzins work

The Incredible 5 Point Scale
Self-Regulation System

Hunter and His Amazing Remote Control
Children’s book about self-regulation

Time Timer
Visual Timer for homes and classrooms

Disc ‘O’ Sit
Seat Cushion promoting alertness and core activation

Hokki Stool
Stool promoting alertness, core activation, and balance


Lesson Plans

EF2R Lesson Plans - PDF


Implementation Tips

EF2R Implementation Tips - PDF


EF2R Presentations

Condensed EF2R Slide Deck; SENG Gifted Ed Conference, Denver, July 2015
By Laurie Faith Denver 2015 EF2R Laurie Faith