Examples of Working Memory Challenges

In the classroom, these students may appear to be “checked out” of lessons. They may give up on tasks easily before completing them, forgetting next steps, or seeming confused. Often they may raise their hand to answer a question, only to forget what they were going to say.
Outside the classroom, these students may forget the rules of a game and appear to give up, they may have difficulty maintaining a conversation, may become easily frustrated, or have difficulty retelling or retrieving facts.


About the Character

ReME (REtain, Manipulate, Engage) is an elephant, and as the saying goes “elephants never forget!”. ReME’s name helps younger children get the gist of this skill alliteratively: ReME Remembers! But ReME represents a fairly complex concept. Working memory issues are difficult to pin down sometimes, and are hard to accurately observe in children. Having said that, the need to Retain information so that we can Manipulate it and Engage with it is essential for daily academic life, and as students get older, the acronym of ReME’s name provides a useful prompt, and an avenue to discuss this concept with students and help them identify it within themselves.


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