Examples of Planning & Organization Challenges

In the classroom, these are the students with messy desks, forgotten homework, late assignments, etc. They need lots of reminders about daily events, time management, school schedules, and homework routines. They need assistance planning tasks or completing assignments, especially those with multiple steps.
During more unstructured times, these students may be late for clubs or recess, they may have difficulty participating in a game with multiple steps or rules, and often need assistance packing their backpack or finding appropriate recess gear.


About the Character

Plan Man is the most super hero-like of all the characters. We imagine his name always being spoken in a booming voice. His tagline: He can organize anything! Plan Man makes an appearance numerous times during the day because, let’s face it, school is all about being organized. It doesn’t seem to matter the grade you are teaching, planning and organization skills are always important. Plan Man also steps in with more regularity than one would first anticipate on the playground. Many students reported him being an essential presence when using social skills to negotiate teams, follow the rules of tag, and figuring out which games to play.


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